Weekly Renewable Energy & Technology News Brief - Week 2 - November 2013

"scire quod sciendum –“Knowledge which is worth having”.

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US Power Infographic1




This week saw a focus on Climate Change questions like “Are Typhoon Disasters Getting More Common?” and “How Will We Pay for Climate Preparedness?”   An article on “The Ozone Hole History" offered a lesson on Climate Change.

Another common theme is that many US cities and states are now looking at localizing the grid (local ownership) and/or developing extensive renewable energy facilities as an alternative to traditional grid based power.  California, Colorado, Boulder, Michigan, New York were just a few of the major areas in the US working on those types of public policies.

There were also many articles on EV’s (electric vehicles) and their continuing  rapid growth in usage and popularity, combined with a growth in “Smart Cities” and smart vehicle technology.

A continuing trend saw many articles on the rapid spread of solar power, both in the US and worldwide, with further advances every week in solar PV technology, which promises to make solar both cheaper and more efficient in the near future.  The cost of solar PV panels is now only 1% of what they were 30 years ago and the cost has dropped over 80% in the last five years.  If the cost continues to fall, and the efficiency gains continue to increase, a full home solar installation for about 5-6 kilowatts should cost no more than about $2,000.00 within the next three years.

With the cost of 5 kw home solar storage batteries also falling dramatically it should be possible for millions of homes to be totally power self-sufficient within the next 3-5 years.  Offsetting this is the threat to current economic models and ownership of utility scale power generation companies and the political clout they wield, leading some power utilities to actively use the dirty tricks playbook to severely limit or ban the growth of renewables in some US states and cities.

Talk about dirty pool.  Responsible energy producers like Shell Oil have seen the future (Shell Oil publicly predicts gas driven autos will be finished by 2070) and have been actively changing their business model for years, so that they move with the times INTO renewable energy production, rather than dinosaur type efforts against such a move. Enlightened energy companies all over the world are moving forward with their business models and will change and grow as consumer consumption demand patterns also change. Unfortunately some US energy companies still think they can go on building steam engines forever. Perhaps it's time they realised that their "steam engine" business models are as dead as the Dodo if they don't embrace change - and quickly.

Utility companies better change their game plan – or they will just be out of the game.  Period.

The Infographics included in this article are from the New Jersey Science and technology University.  The final part, below, shows where the US energy sector is headed.  Utility companies would be well advised to jump on board early – or miss the boat.

Allan Barker


US Power Infographic2

Diminishing Energy Workforce in the US

US Power Infographic3

Reduction in Educators and New Engineers

US Power Infographic4

Reduction in Enrollments & Degrees

US Power Infographic5

Proposed Education Solutions

US Power Infographic6

Increase in Salaries & Power Demand

US Power Infographic7

Increase Will ALL Come From Renewable Energy

The following items were the top Renewable Energy stories for the last week, with links to the original source (stories republished with attribution):

·  Are Typhoon Disasters Getting More Common? November 15, 2013
·  Naval Reactors Should Be Empowered to Show the Way Again November 15, 2013
·  Facing Scary Facts: How Will We Pay for Climate Preparedness? November 15, 2013
·  California Marks First Anniversary of Cap-and-Trade November 15, 2013
·  Rising Prevalence of Smart Cities Spawn a Huge Market for Smart Vehicular Technology in the U.S., Finds Frost & Sullivan November 15, 2013
·  Driving Toward Greater Energy Security November 15, 2013
·  67 Percent of Consumers Would Pay More for Clean Energy November 15, 2013
·  Honeywell Leads Smart Thermostat Leaderboard November 15, 2013
·  Can California Charge Ahead To One Million EVs Within Ten Years? November 15, 2013
·  INFOGRAPHIC: The State of the US Power Sector and the Growth of Renewable Energy November 15, 2013
·  Alphatech5′s New Site on Google November 14, 2013
·  What Does Energy Inequality Look Like? November 14, 2013
·  Three Colorado Cities Ban Fracking November 14, 2013
·  Renewable Energy Stock Alert: Plug Power (Nasdaq:PLUG) Receives NYSERDA Funding to Evaluate Use of Fuel Cells for Delivery of Perishables November 14, 2013
·  Michigan and New York Renewable Portfolio Standards Add Jobs and Revive Economic Growth November 14, 2013
·  Japan’s Solar Energy Market Surge Blows Away Earlier Forecasts November 14, 2013
·  Global Solar PV Installations Will Double, Hit Grid Parity By 2020 November 14, 2013
·  Israeli Eastern Mediterranean Gas Finds Offer New Opportunities November 14, 2013
·  Barcelona — World EV Capital For A Few Days (Exclusive Content On The Way…) November 14, 2013
·  Solar cells utilize thermal radiation November 14, 2013
·  Plasma experiment demonstrates admirable self-control November 14, 2013
·  ARMS Risk Management Resources November 13, 2013
·  UPS Makes Delivery Operations More Sustainable With New Software November 13, 2013
·  The SeaOrbiter: Futuristic Marine Research Vessel Launches CrowdFunding Campaign November 13, 2013
·  Extraction Vs. Upgrading November 13, 2013
·  What’s More Productive: CO2 Sequestration or Ocean Heat Sequestration? November 13, 2013
·  ON Climate & Renewables to Install GE’s (NYSE:GE) Brilliant PowerUp Platform across Five Wind Farms November 13, 2013
·  Michael Brune of Sierra Club Calls Nuclear Energy Irrelevant, While Robert Stone Says it’s Vital November 13, 2013
·  Strong Climate Action Requires Moving Away from Fossil Fuels November 13, 2013
·  Retail Renewable Energy Bonds Proliferating November 13, 2013
·  EPA/Carbon Pollution – Polls: AR, IL, LA & NH Voters Trust EPA Over Congress to Limit Dangerous Power Plant Emissions November 13, 2013
·  After Trillium: Solar-Powered Flower Sculpture Opens and Closes With the Sun November 13, 2013
·  Expensive Natural Gas?: US, UK, France, Germany and Japan’s Prices Compared November 12, 2013
·  Renewable Energy Alert: ALLETE (NYSE: ALE) Clean Energy to Acquire Wind Energy Facilities in Three States November 12, 2013
·  GE (NYSE: GE) Aeroderivative Gas Turbines Enter Commercial Operation in Krasnodar Region, Russia; Will Help Provide Power during Peak Times of the 2014 Sochi Olympic Games November 12, 2013
·  Demanding Clean Energy November 12, 2013
·  Peak oil review – Nov 11 November 12, 2013
·  Is There Cause for Optimism on Emissions? November 12, 2013
·  Masdar and Oil Companies to Develop Middle East’s First Commercial-Scale Carbon Capture & Storage Project November 12, 2013
·  Electric Power Conundrum at the Crossroads of Energy, Climate, and Water November 12, 2013
·  How Vermont Has Promoted Local Renewable Energy: Episode 10 of Local Energy Rules Podcast November 12, 2013
·  Snowtown II: Wind Power At A Cut-Throat Price! November 11, 2013
·  Green Building Congress Strives to Make India a Future Building Efficiency Leader November 11, 2013
·  Maxwell Technologies in the Balance November 11, 2013
·  The Clean Energy Way to Fight Climate Change November 11, 2013
·  King James Is Also King Of Bicycle Commercials (VIDEO) November 11, 2013
·  Boulder Moves One Step Closer to Localizing the Electric Grid November 11, 2013
·  Ozone Hole History Offers Climate Lesson November 11, 2013
·  Dueling forecasts: Why our energy future is actually a risk management problem November 11, 2013
·  Story About How The Tesla Model S Deals With Extreme Damage & Communicates With The Driver November 11, 2013
·  Improved decoding of DNA for custom medical treatments November 11, 2013
·  UCLA Report: Top 10 Solutions to Global Ocean Plastic Pollution November 10, 2013
·  3 Ways Superstorm Sandy Could Change Utilities Forever November 10, 2013
·  NV Energy Announcement Could Boost Low-Cost Solar across the West November 10, 2013
·  Snap to attention: Polymers that react and move to light November 10, 2013
·  Key processes of photosynthesis simulated on quantum level November 10, 2013
·  Top 10 Most Interesting Energy & Environment Articles From October November 10, 2013
·  Double Standard For Nuclear Energy & Wind Energy In UK? November 10, 2013
·  As Xcel Follows National Playbook to Attack Solar, Ballot Results Say ‘Not in Colorado’ November 10, 2013
·  Electric Velocipede (i.e. Electric Old-Timey Bike) November 10, 2013
·  European Solar PV Demand Set To Rebound In 2014 November 9, 2013
·  ‘Ban Fracking’ Activists Go Local Because They Are Losing Everywhere Else November 9, 2013
·  Realistic Look at Small Modular Reactors in Idaho November 9, 2013
·  Novel LEDs pave the way to cheaper displays November 9, 2013
·  Economic Growth: A Social Pathology November 9, 2013
·  Inequity: Energy Risk and the Future November 9, 2013
·  To Those Who Want To See Nuclear Power Play A Bigger Role In Climate Action November 9, 2013
·  Build Your Own Flat-Pack Micro Nomad Home for Less than $30,000 November 9, 2013
·  Solar Stocks Portfolio Update and Market Update – 11-08-2013; CSIQ, JKS, SPWR, SUNE, YGE

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Allan Barker

November 15th 2013



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