Average Electricity Price by Country ?


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The Average Price of Electricity, by Country

Australia and Germany each just had an election, where in both cases electricity prices were an election issue.  In both countries they are paying significantly more $ per kWh than most countries.


Energy - Electricity Prices Worldwide


But now Nova Scotia is heading to the polls and electricity prices are an issue because they have recently risen to $0.15 per kWh (Canadian).


Electricity prices around the world in $/kWh


Energy - Electricity Price by Country


Everywhere in the world, people complain about the cost of electricity. The above graph shows average electricity prices from 17 countries around the world, converted to $/kWh (US). All the data is based on average prices and exchange rates for 2011, graphed in US cents/kWh.


The relative price of electricity


Energy - Adjusted Electricity Price by Country


The above comparison of electricity prices didn’t account for the fact that price levels vary a lot between countries.

If we look at the same average electricity prices for 2011, but this time adjust them to US dollars using purchasing power parity the picture look slightly different.
Once you adjust for the different price levels between countries Canadians have the cheapest electricity and Germans the most expensive.
Places like Nigeria and India jump up the list due to their lower price levels, while countries including Denmark, Australia and Japan fall because they are relatively expensive places to live.

In general accounting for purchasing power lessened the difference between countries, but significant differences remain.



Cheers - Allan Barker

September 26th 2013




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