Tesla Builds One of the World's Safest Cars ?


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Tesla Motors churns out super-safe Model S with the help of robotics, workers and advanced engineering


TESLA FACTORY: Tesla Motors churns out super-safe Model S with the help of robotics, workers and advanced engineering. 

Tesla Motors builds its cars to "best practice" world safety standards out of cheap, lightweight but strong aluminium, rather than much heavier steel sheet.

The secret to their unprecedented safety levels (as measured by NHTSA crash tests) is special aluminium reinforcing bars in the doors, panels, roof and body - all fastened with aero-space grade bolts, the same quality as used by NASA in the space program.

An article by David Biello in Scientific American states


"These aluminum reinforcements absorb impacts, such as a pole rammed into the side at high velocity by NHTSA testing. As a result, the pole breaks or stops the car before it has a chance to ram an occupant. And a double bumper in back protects any passengers riding in the "third row" seating in the trunk, essentially child-size rear-facing foldout seats.


Part of the Tesla Model S's safety is inherent to all electric cars. The lack of the internal combustion engine block means each car can boast a crumple zone at least two times larger than any gasoline equivalent in the "frunk," or front trunk. And the brakes are the same size in both front and back, unlike the case for conventional cars, allowing for more stopping power (as well as battery regeneration)."


"Meanwhile, the more than 500-kilogram battery pack under the floor puts the car's center of gravity a mere 44.5 centimeters off the ground, giving the car unprecedented stability. The Model S is nearly impossible to roll, according to the NHTSA. And then there's the fact that the Model S broke an independent roof crush machine in the NHTSA's test rather than caving in, thanks to reinforcements again attached with the kind of bolts usually reserved for the aerospace industry."


With China as the next market for Tesla - where a "Trademark Troll" has required a different name to be used - Tesla is heading for production of 40,000 units per annum in the next 12 months.


With the Supercharger Grid for Tesla rapidly expanding all across the US you will soon be able to drive the safest car in the world from coast to coast with minimum downtime for re-charging.  You can do that already, with over-night charging, but the Supercharging stations will mean maximum 30 minute charges everywhere.
Roll on EV's.  With fossil fuels running out we will all be driving either full EV's or Hydrogen fuel cell cars within the next 20 years.


tesla heavy duty front and rear disc brakes


TESLA heavy duty discs - front and rear - contribute to the exceptional 5 star safety rating.


Cheers - Allan Barker

September 24th 2013



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