Construction Of Major New Solar Energy Plant In Suffolk, UK





Construction of one of the UK's largest renewable energy solar power plants has begun at the site of former RAF Stradishall, the second world war airfield in Suffolk.



Once Broxted Solar Farm, covering a 150 acre site in south west Suffolk, has been completed by the end of 2013 it will be one of the UK's largest utility

scale ground mounted solar projects, and will produce an installed capacity of 31.6MW - enough to provide electricity to 8,000 UK homes a year.

It will also generate clean renewable energy, producing 30,200 MWh per year, and will avoid the emission of 33,120 tonnes of carbon dioxide and

94,213 tonnes of nitrogen oxide into the atmosphere.

Steve Bradley, Head of Major Connections at UK Power Networks, which owns and manages the electricity distribution networks for the East of England, London and the South-East, said: 'We are delighted to be involved with this innovative development. It will see a vital new renewable energy source integrated into an enhanced agricultural and rural environment.'

Environmental considerations
Broxted Solar Farm is a groundbreaking development in terms of a major onshore renewable project. The solar farm is the core element in the wide ranging 'Integrated Strategy' which Navigator has created to regenerate the whole 500 acre Broxted Estate, encompassing all of the old airfield.

Navigator's 'Integrated Strategy' seeks to draw together some of the best features in contemporary rural life and business. These include sheep grazing within the solar farm, cattle grazing on some 150 acres of grass land immediately adjacent to the solar farm, some 130 acres of arable farming, 30 acres of agri environmental features including wild bird seed mixes to provide winter feeding.

There will be 60 acres of woodland, while ponds will be restored and created to provide water for wildlife. New hedgerows will be planted and existing ones enhanced. The local south west Suffolk community, including local schools, has been closely involved, and permissive footpaths will be created to provide access for public enjoyment.


Cheers - Allan Barker

September 17th 2013



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