UK Backs More Nuclear Power



UK Lib Dem vote backs nuclear power plants


Liberal Democrats have voted to support the building of a new generation of nuclear power plants - a policy U-turn which marks an important victory for the Party's leadership.

Climate Change Secretary Ed Davey earlier warned the Party not backing nuclear would be "reckless".
He said he had changed his mind because of climate change.

The motion also backed continued operations at existing nuclear power stations until the end of their working lives.
Delegates also voted to support fracking - but with an amendment to ensure that pollution levels were properly monitored and residents living close to fracking sites were properly consulted about plans.

'Massive Danger'

Mr Davey said climate change posed a real and massive danger to the planet and warned Liberal Democrats the party would look reckless if they ruled out nuclear - a "genuinely low carbon source of electricity" - as an option.

But Mr Davey told delegates: "When I have listened to pro-nuclear Liberal Democrats over the years, there is one argument I have found increasingly difficult to answer and that is the climate change argument.

"We are going to need vast amounts of low-carbon electricity to tackle climate change. Why? Because if our carbon capture and storage plans don't work, we may have to replace all fossil fuels for electricity generation, that is about 60% of all generation.

Cheers - Allan Barker

September 17th 2013



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