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Free Article Directories

This article directory list can be used to submit articles to promote your business and website. Or you can use it to find article resources for your own website, blog or ezine. 

Find free article submission sites for articles to use on your own website or newsletter, whether it's related to internet marketing or any other topic as many sites feature a wide variety of article themes. And most of these directories will allow you to add your own articles to their database - with or without being required to register for free - which will promote your business to all their visitors and subscribers!

Article Submission Directories, Software and Tools

Writing articles is one of the best ways to promote your website and best of all it is free! You don't need to be an expert on the topic you are writing about - just pick an area that is related to the theme of your website, do a bit of research using a search engine and before you know it you will have more knowledge on that subject than most.
Submitting your Article to Directories

Once you've written your article, you can submit it to article directories for free. There are hundreds of article directories on the web so I won't list them all here as you can easily find them by searching on Google, but to get you started, here are the directories that I have had the highest exposure from in the past: 

Be careful to follow the formatting instructions for each article directory. Most directories require articles to be submitted with no formatting. It will save you time if you create an unformatted article with no hard line breaks (apart from between paragraphs) in a text document. It also helps to prepare a short description of your article along with your keywords as some directories also require this information to be submitted with the article.

Also, don't forget to include a a resource box at the end of your article. This is your chance to tell everyone about you and your website. If someone has taken the time to read your article to the end, the chances are that they will be interested in finding out more. This is your opportunity to gain another targeted visitor to your site. 

Article Submission Tools and Software

If you don't have time to manually submit your article to all of the article directories, you may want to consider paying to have someone to do this for you. There are various websites offering this service, but the most comprehensive and value for money article submission service that I am aware of is Article Marketer

Alternatively you could use software to automate your article submissions e.g.

* Article Post Robot - allows you to submit your articles automatically to over 240 article directories and over 50 announcement lists. You can read a review of Article Post Robot here.
* Article Announcer - this software allows you to automatically submit your articles to all the article directories, ezine owners and announcement lists. Check out my blog for a review of Article Announcer.
* Ezine Announcer - allows you to automatically submit all your articles to article directories (and your ezines to ezine directories). If you write articles regularly or have your own ezine this software is a great time saver. 

Don't want to write your own articles?

If you really don't want to write your own articles, one solution is to pay someone else to write an article for you. Just Articles is one such service that I recommend for writing you a professional article for a reasonable price. This is known as Ghost Writing - the article is original and 100% yours to add your name and resource box to.

An alternative to getting your articles ghost written is to use Private Label Rights Articles. The best way to ensure a high quality selection of articles is to join a membership site such as Niche Content Avalanche as they ensure that they keep the number of their members low (which means content that is more exclusively yours) and require all members to modify the PLR articles provided by at least 20%.

An even cheaper option is to buy a package such as the Viral Article Toolkit. If you buy this, you receive 199 rebrandable articles, which you can use and publish with your own personal resource box. You can change these articles in any way you like to make them more personal, or you can just leave them as they are.

Once you start writing all these articles and getting them published you will find that the number of visitors to your site increase and your search engine ranking will also be given a boost as a result of all these extra back links. 

Top Ten Reasons to Write Articles for Publication Online

  1. The first, most obvious benefit is the opportunity to get your work published.
  2. The second reason is FREE PUBLICITY! - Most article databases online allow you to include a "resource box" at the end of your article. 
  3. The resource box is your opportunity to SELL yourself, your web site, your products, your services etc... 
  4. By writing articles for free publication on a specific topic, you can establish yourself as an expert in that field.
  5. By submitting your work to article databases and allowing newsletters and web sites to publish it for free, you multiply the potential number of visitors to your site dramatically.
  6. There are literally thousands of newsletter publishers online - all looking for one thing - GREAT CONTENT. 
  7. It costs you nothing - not a dime - to submit your articles to databases for free publication online. The only thing that's required of you is your time (and your ability to write a good article that people will want to read).  
  8. You can also target your audience by submitting your articles to individual ezines. Prior to making individual submissions consider these two quick tips:


    • Locate ezine publishers that ACCEPT article submissions
    • Find out what the publisher's guidelines are for article submissions.


  9. By listing your work in article databases and/or submitting it directly to ezine publishers, you have the opportunity to establish new contacts and lasting relationships with professional publishers online.  
  10. By getting your articles published online, you have opened the door for more traffic to your web site, new readers (possibly paying publishers), and name recognition across the web.  


Top Article Directories - Listed in Google Pagerank Order


Self Growth Self Improvement 7
WebProNews Internet/SEO 7
PromotionWorld Online Business 7


Article City General 6
Article Dashboard General 6
Biz Whiz Business 6
Business Know-How General 6 General 6
Digital Women Women's Interest 6
Easy Articles General 6
Ezine Articles General 6
Weeno General 6 General 6 General 5
A1 Articles General 5
Alumbo General 5
AnyArticles General 5
Article99 General 5
Article Alley General 5
Articles Factory General 5
Article Finders General 5
Article Point General 5 General 5 General 5 Business 5
Constant Content General 5
eArticlesOnline General 5
Home Business Directory Business 5
HowToAdvice General 5 General 5 General 5
LinkGrinder General 5
Marketing Seek Marketing 5
Organic-Rankings General 5 General 5
Webmaster's Library Internet/SEO 5 General 5 General 5 General 4
Amazines General 4
ArticleBin General 4 General 4
ArticleGeek General 4
Article Hut General 4
ArticleSphere General 4 General 4
ArticleWarehouse General 4
BusinessToolchest General 4
Common Connections General 4
CreateOnlineBusiness Online Business 4
Http Articles General 4
Impact Articles Business 4 General 4
IWantContent General 4 General 4 General 4 Internet/SEO 4
SubmitYourNewArticle General 4 General 4
Web Design Articles Internet/SEO 4
WorkAtHomeArticles General 4


Article Hangout General 3
Articles Galore General 3
Article Matrix General 3
Article Submissions General 3
ArticleTime General 3
ArticleTrader General 3
DirectoryGold General 3
Fresh-Articles General 3 General 3 General 3 General 3
Marketing PitBull General 3
WebsiteFuel General 3
WriteYourArticles General 3